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UTC specializes in transcription services for audio and video contents for webcasts, videotapes, streaming media, and DVDs. Captioning of audio/video content and transcript synchronization are added services provided by UTC. Independent producers, multimedia companies, television networks, and educational organizations can benefit from UTC professional transcription services. Additionally, high-tech equipment’s are used for captioning of audio and video content which is more accurate and less time consuming than traditional equipment’s. Our services are quite economical as they are use online features for audio and video data exchange and its saves client’s shipping cost. For its transcription services, UTC ensures the confidentiality of data, timely completion of the project, and involvement of only experienced transcriptionists in projects. Our audio transcription services are available for conferences, group discussions, business meetings, seminars, verbal interviews, radio shows, and podcasts. These transcription services are available for non-digital audio formats (e.g., magnetic tapes and micro cassettes) as well as for digital audio formats (e.g., mp3, dss, wav, and wma).

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Some of the specialized services for audio/video content transcription services of interview transcription services including multiple participation interviews, police interviews, one to one interviews, marketing research based interviews, industry surveys, job interviews, university lectures, key note addresses, and road shows. Legal transcription services are one of the most entrusted service with guaranteed security of the data, accuracy of the content and secure file upload. UTC targets various legal fields for its transcription services including commercial conveyance, children/local authority, matrimonial, domestic conveyance, debt collection, social housing, immigration, parliamentary, and medical negligence and all these transcription services are available in English, Arabic, Dutch, French, Farsi, Portuguese, Malay, German, Polish, Hindi, Vietnamese, Spanish, Russian, Thai etc.