Therefore, we take some precautionary steps prior to undertaking your assignment according to which we ensure that you or your event organizer will take the complete responsibility of providing the material which could help us to choose the right interpreter as per the specialization of the event and conference.On the basis thereof, if the event is something related to medical and then it is categorized to a field of dentistry , then we try our level best to choose the nearest matching interpreter who must had done the interpretation in this particular category so as to be assured of high quality interpretation and the target audience could understand what is being interpreted and could be made them fully understood about the real information of the event or conference.
Similarly, we make the right selection of the interpreters as per the technicality or specialty such as the technical, engineering, commercial, information technology.

There are supposed to be two types of interpretations which are widely used all across the globe known as simultaneous interpretation and consecutive interpretation.

Where we offer interpretation Services?

UTS would like to introduce itself as one of the most resourceful interpretation agency in the Abu Dhabi, territory of the United Arab Emirates and all across the globe. Our interpreters are highly professional, fully qualified and preserve long term experience in accordance with their specialized expertise and know-how. We have tried one of the best interpreters and have sent them out to medium and large size events , conferences to exhibit their best performance, exerting best roles in accomplishing the high quality , accurate and meaningful interpretation in all specialized fields and categories.We ensure the timely presence of our interpreters at your event. However, presenting the agenda of the event or conference prior to it’s commencement remains vital for the successful completion of the event. Providing materials with regards to the specifications of the event is something without which the interpreter shall not be able to produce the interpretation services as per the professional needs and standard requirements of the event.

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Simultaneous Interpretation:

The simultaneous interpreter basically practices his/her interpretation skills while sitting in a translation booth , wearing the headphones , translate the speaker’s words in the target language and convey it to the audience. Generally, there should be two interpreters in each language interpreting in a booth in order to maintain the accuracy and perfectness. Therefore, we highly recommend that our services to be taken with guarantee upon the selection of two interpreters in each language pairs especially in the event of long-hours interpreter since one interpreter cannot retain the quality standard of the interpretation if he is working for more than 2 hours continuously.

The two simultaneous interpreters develop a very strong coordination while sitting in the booth and exchange each other’s views , support each other and produce the best possible results.

However, simultaneous interpretation is one of the most difficult task according to which the interpreter have full capability of hearing the speaker, translate the message to be conveyed to the audience in their own native language. In this situation, the interpreter has to translate the words simultaneously and instantaneously without any break leaving no room of error in any condition whatsoever.

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Consecutive Interpretation:

Consecutive interpretation is normally required for multiple purposes. This type of interpretation is commonly done for business meetings between two persons or groups. In this interpretation, the interpreter has enough time to hear the statement of one party and translate the same in other language for second party. The consecutive interpreter needs specialized knowledge and skills and take the keynote of the meeting contents and exchange each others views to take the best possible decision.

Another widely use of consecutive interpreter seems to have been happening as in the group of tourists. The interpreter can add up his status as a tour guide which will be an additional advantage to his profession, values and future demand. Therefore, a professional interpreter is vital for a group of businessmen wanting to move around the city and seek the help of an interpreter. The interpreter may or may not be a tour guide but his value still remains alive since the key group of businessmen from other country accompanying with the local business people exchange their views on different parts of the country they are touring and discuss different business terms for future investments or arranging any live show in key points.

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