Our Services

Universal Translation Services is one those few translation companies worldwide which has not limited their services in the areas of translation services only but also provisioning some of the most business-oriented services which have direct or indirect relations with translation. Our project development managers have done phenomenal job in expanding Universal Translation Services from just translation services to Simultaneous Interpreting and Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment, Subtitling, Voice Over and Dubbing, Transcription, Attestation, Proofreading/Editing, Page Layout or Formatting, industry standard Content Creators and Copywriters, Website Designers and Developers, PRO services among others. We have developed fairly a highly resourceful team of qualified experts in these business domains having years of experience and skills which enables our company a complete turnkey solution for enthusiastic business leaders having strong belief in getting their projects to be completed in record times.

Universal Translation Services is not only claiming to be a specialized company rendering all above-mentioned services but have also proven to be real time practical vendor in these services.

Universal Translation Services is committed to conduct all it’s business operations through it’s most experienced and qualified specialists.

No swapping of services and specializations:
One of our best qualifications is that we use to get your job done only by the industry standard specialized experts. For example a professional written translator is never supposed to or asked to perform interpretation in business meetings, exhibitions or event because such interpreters areas of expertise are limited to implementing the written translation only and interpretation services are supposed to be rendered by the professional consecutive or simultaneous interpreters with respective qualification and years of practice with verbal communication skills and ability to interpret from one language to the other with utmost accuracy and perfection without compromising on the conceptuality and contextuality of the subject of the meeting or speeches.

Similarly, a legal translator has capabilities and skills only in translating and proofreading such contents which are particularly pertaining to the field of LAW, PATENT AND TRADEMARK. The legal translator area of expertise is including but not limited to execute the translation of agreements, power of attorneys, memorandum and articles of association and many other types of documents which are specifically used for legal purposes in concerned official authority.

Not only that, a legal translator cannot play a role of medical translator. Because a legal translator, who has not studied medical and have never been involved in accomplishing medical translation in the past shall face difficult situation to produce translation of medical content. Since, medical translation is a vast field of translation which can be characterized in more than 100+ categories therefore we cannot associate one medical translator to produce the translation of 100s of types of medical content.

Following is the list of our guaranteed services:
• Professional Translation (Legal, Medical, Technical and 100+ Types)
• Interpreting Services
• Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment
• Voice-Over and Dubbing
• Subtitling
• Transcription
• Attestation
• PRO and Business Setup Services
• Proofreading/Editing
• Content Creation / Copywriting
• Page Layout / Formatting
• Creative Designing and Printing