Introduction to Universal Translation Services

Universal Translation Services is known to be one of the most reputable and best translation companies, rendering high quality and perfect translation services in all languages to small, medium and large enterprises.

We are specialized in the execution of all varieties of legal, medical and technical translation and interpretation services in over 100+ languages.

All of our linguistics are highly professional each working in their subject specialties and preserving complete knowledge in their mother tongue.

legal translation in uae
certified translation

All of our translators are native. We purely work with the native translators only, without being compromising on quality and time efficiency. Rest assured, we provide flexible services providing services as per clients urgency of completing the project.


Our translators work 24 hours and we are dedicated to provide you information about our services round the clock.


All of our services cost-effective ensuring to provide 100% accurate and professional translation.

Editing Services in UAE

We firstly translate your documents into your desired target language. After having completed your translation, the target text is then proceeded for proofreading by one of our senior proofreader who will cross-check your target content from A to Z and make sure that all the target has been translated correctly and there have not been done any kind of wrong translation or left apart anything un-translated. Once, the proofreading is done, the same leads to the quality-checks which is done by a second proofreader whose job is to cross-examine the style, accuracy , perfectness and develop the creativity in the target content.

Quality and Commitment

Our company remains fully committed towards the implementation of quality translation services. We do not compromise on quality in any circumstances. In order to ensure that you are being rendered with the high quality translation services, we pass through our standard quality procedures.

Liaison Interpreting Services

After having completed the third process of quality-checks, we appoint one of our best artwork artist whose task is to give final shape to the target content completely formatted, typeset and designed as per the source content. The artwork artist has the ability of creating the file in any format such as Microsoft Office word, Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, Excel, PowePoint or in any other program whatsoever.


We remain highly committed to the confidentiality of your content. We understand the security of your documents / files are quite essential and should be handled by highly responsible staff.

Chuchotage Interpreting Services in UAE

Therefore, we have signed an official agreement with our staff members, consultants , documents controllers, accountants and all the technological resources installed in our database which help prevention of disclosing such data out of our official premises. Therefore, apart from the legal liabilities of the employees , we do have very dedicated documents control system by which no other unauthorized person can access the documents and release to anyone.

Apart from it, we have very standard draft of non-disclosure and confidentiality agreement which could be signed by and between your esteemed company and by Universal Translation Services upon request. After signing the agreement, we understand our responsibilities and obligations about the implementation of keeping your data in a very secure database of our company.