French Interpreter

As a leading French interpreters in Abu Dhabi, we have tapped into the region’s vast need for professional interpretation services which are sort after by large multinationals, institutions, and individuals. Interpretation plays a crucial role of enabling communication between people of varied linguistic orientations. Over the past years, we have been working on our team – selecting the cream de la cream in the interpretation industry to improve the quality of our human resource and hence the services. Abu Dhabi attracts millions of French visitors annually who come for virtually everything, from tourism to business. If you are looking for world class French interpretation services in Abu Dhabi then we are the guys to go to.

Unlike other French interpreters in Abu Dhabi, we strive to give the best customer experience at the most affordable rates. That is why we only insist on working with French interpreters who have profound knowledge of the culture, language and social aspects of the French people. In broadening our reach, we provide French interperation services to groups and individuals in Abu Dhabi. The types of French interpretation services that we provide include:

i) Simultaneous Interpreting:

This type of interpretation is appropriate for large conferences and meetings where participants are speakers of different languages. The interpreters usually occupy a separate soundproof room and the speaker’s speech is transmitted via a microphone. The interpreter listens and speaks almost simultaneously to the delegates who received the interpretation via a headset. We train our French interpreters on good listening skills and they boasts good memory, aspects that are essential for interpretation.

We meet the internationally recommended standards of at least two French interpreters who each interpret for 15-30 minutes each per session and are thoroughly trained in order to carry out the job in harmony.

ii)  Consecutive Interpreting:

We also boast a wide client base who seek our consecutive interpreting services. These are usually small groups and events like presentations, conference calls, press conferences, interviews and court hearings. Consecutive interpretation requires good note taking and listening skills as well as good memory. Here, the interpreter takes notes during a speech and relays it to the participant once the speaker has paused or at intervals in the course of the speech. It is different from simultaneous interpretation since no special transmission equipment is need because the interpreter is usually within the room where the audience is.

i) Liaison Interpreting

Also known as community interpreting, liaison interpreting works best for a small group or an individual. Like consecutive interpreting, liaison interpreting involves relaying the interpretation to the participant at intervals, but unlike consecutive interpretation, the speaker makes short utterances for the interpreter who interprets sentence after another. This is done to give time to the interpreter who should not make mistakes or omissions. Like whispering interpretation, the interpreter speaks next to the participant.

ii) Whispering Interpreting:

Whispering Interpretation is also called ‘chuchotage’. Here, one or two people who dont understand the source language are interpreted for. The task is always to keep up with the speaker and make as minimal noise as possible to avoid disrupting the meeting. To ensure this, the interpreter should sit next to the participant during the event and simultaneously interpret the speaker’s speech in a low voice. It is recommended for one-on-one dialogue, social events, tours and walking visits.

If you are in Abu Dhabi or planning to visit soon, get in touch with us and experience the most professional French interpretation services in Abu Dhabi.