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Universal Translation Services is a specialized company rendering translation, proofreading, editing and interpretation services.

Universal Translation Services conducts a promising practice to produce all the above services by means of its most experienced and qualified linguistics.

As per our observation and examination, translation and proofreading cannot be executed one specialized translator or proofreader. For example a legal translator has capabilities and intelligent skills only in translating and proofreading those contents which are particular pertaining to the field of LAW, PATENT AND TRADEMARK. The legal translator is fully responsible to execute the translation of agreements, power of attorneys, memorandum and articles of association and many other types of documents which are specifically used to submit or proceed for legal purpose in any official authority.

Similarly , legal translator could be a fatal for performing medical translation. Because a legal translator who has never studied, practiced and practically been involved in accomplished any part of medical translation would find it quite hard and unprofessional to represent himself/herself for performing medical translation. Since, medical translation is a vast field of translation and it cannot be referred to one specialized medical translator. For example , a medical translator who has been studying medical in dentistry will have no strength and capabilities to conduct such medical content’s translation which is completely irrelevant to that of dentistry. Therefore, a Gynecology medical translator is completely irrelevant to General medical translator.

Following is the list of services we render to our esteemed clients:

Translation Services

Legal Translation Services

Medical Translation Services

Technical Translation Services

Commercial Translation Services

Marketing Translation Services

Publishing Translation Services

& All other fields of translations

Interpretation Services:

Interpretation Services

Legal Interpretation Services

Medical, Technical, Commercial, Energy Interpretation Services


Typing, Formatting/Typesetting/Designing etc