Typesetting/ Formatting/ Layouting/ Artwork Services/ Graphic Design Services

Universal Translation Services has successfully developed a team of highly professional graphic designers to tackle all types of typesetting / formatting / layouting / artwork services from the most simple file format to the most complex file format.

You must not be hiring or assigning your English file format to be handled by a Non-Arab speaker since he is not aware of Arabic language at all. So, deploying him/her to conduct typesetting / formatting/ layouting / artwork services in his/her non-native language would produce the most unreliable results.

Typesetting is not just only to replace an English text with Arabic text but also to take a great care of direction, alignment, margins, font style, font size and adjustment and justification of paragraphs at right locations within the borders of the page. Typesetting / Graphic designer is responsible to make the most précised colour choice as per the source file format and choose the exact colour that is being used in the source file format. In-simple, the target file format should be 100% identical to the source file format in terms of style, fonts and presentation so as to be directly used for printing purpose.

Therefore, typesetting is a process in which a text is moved to the right location , taking professional care of style and size of the text and using the right font at the same time.

A professional typesetting can only be done, handled and implemented by professional designers who make the best use of software programs as per the source file program and produce the final file in the same file format.

It is vital to say that if the translation and typesetting/ designing services are carried out at the same premises, the integration of these two services produces the best result due to the best coordination between a translator and a designer who are working under one roof within the same platform. It not only produces the best and accurate results but also saves a plenty of time.

Therefore, it a remarkable point that risking your project assigning among different vendors and services would not only increase your cost of production of translation and designing but also put your project at greater risk on quality in designing and producing the final version ready for print would be quite risky.

So, for your project’s successful completion, we translate your documents and then assign them to our best designers using industry standard software programs such as Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Pagemaker, Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Photoshop , AutoCad, Dreamweaver, FrameMaker, Excel, Word, PowerPoint or any other software program. All of our designers are certified professionals with long-term extensive experience in this field.

Lastly, we are equipped with a team of 100+ designers and software specialists in more than 150+ languages approx.. so all the designs , layouting , artwork is taken care by the native speakers only and in integration with our team of translators.