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An effective legal communication is core of any litigation, legal matters and police cases, when it comes to submitting to law enforcement authorities hence requires translation of legal documents in an appropriate manner and Universal Translation Services is known to do that precisely. Among 100s of languages, UTS provides top quality Spanish Legal Translation in Abu Dhabi.   Spanish is one of the few languages recognized by the Ministry of Justice of UAE,  that allows to do legal translation from Spanish to Arabic directly. Team UTS preserves experienced and highly qualified Spanish legal translators who are known to help our clients convey their message successfully to the Spanish and Arabic speaking legal entities in the UAE and abroad.   A blend of quality, accuracy, and authenticity has driven Universal Translation Services to rank #1 Spanish legal translation Services Company in Abu Dhabi and deliver excellence that has been maintained throughout since its inception.

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Universal Translation Services follows best industry practices in the selection of experienced, qualified and native German legal translators specialized in the fields of law. Therefore, we can undertake to execute any form of legal translation from German to Arabic and vice versa.

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Committed to maintaining the glossary of specific legal terminologies, German legal translators at UTS have stockpile of largest database that help them translating the legal content as per UAE culture and laws. UTS is aware of all the conventional authentication chains and is in touch with the relevant institutions, both in the UAE and the country of origin, being Spain or another Spanish speaking country around the world. Universal Translation Services are supported by all state departments in the UAE and Dubai. Below are few examples;

So, next time you are in a pursuit of getting Spanish to Arabic legal translation and Vice Versa, UTS is the right place to look forward because Certified Spanish Translators here are available to translate any legal document into English & Arabic.  

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