Our Technical Translators

Our Technical Translators

The technical translator is not only responsible of transmitting of the information from one language to another but also have a great sense of producing the logical meaning which must suit the right interpretation of the product’s function. A wide knowledge of technical translation is a key to success for producing high quality translation. However, we have all time supportive materials , dictionaries , specific glossaries which help our translators not to translate any text without having enough information. So, the translator under our leadership enjoys all time technical support for producing high quality translation in the field of technical.

It is a matter of fact that poor technical translation undermines the corporate image and the brand of a company. Therefore , we take up every step with great liabilities and complete care which can ensure that you get the right services and maintain the trust to work with us for long-term basis.

Below are the examples of some of the technical translations that may be of your interest:

  • Engineering specifications
  • Bill of Materials
  • CAD Drawings
  • Catalogs
  • E-Learning
  • Installation Manuals
  • Labels
  • Marketing Materials
  • MSDS and Data Sheets
  • Multimedia audio and visual
  • Operating Manuals
  • Patents
  • Presentations
  • RFP Responses
  • Safety Manuals
  • Software and Hardware UI
  • Training Materials
  • Technical Proposals
  • User Guides
  • Websites

Therefore, the technical translation done by us is completely comprehensible and as per your exact requirement.

Technical Translation covers the specialized fields such as Engineering, Constructions, Architecture, Business and Marketing and many others.

We are providing Technical Translation Services to 100s of companies across the globe. We ensure that the timely delivery and quality is taken care at all level.

We have long-term expertise and know-how to render the quality you really expect for your translation. We believe that the accuracy and consistency are the backbone of technical translation and only trusted linguistics can be chosen for executing technical translations.