Legal Translation Services

Legal Translation Services

Arabic is the official language of the United Arab Emirates. Your documents will not be valid for use in most of official departments or ministries if they are found to be done without official legal translation in both English and Arabic. Legal Translation has now become the backbone of your official procedures without which there may be lot of hindrances and barriers for completing your legal process. For example, if you have the agreement signed between two or more parties, it is a must to sign this agreement in the Notary Public duly drafted or created in English and Arabic followed by legalization and the same shall have to be legally stamped by the court and Ministry of Justice. There are different other kinds of documents that must be legally translated such as Power of Attorneys, Memorandum and Articles of Associations and wills etc.

Legal Translation has become more important for your visa process in the state of United Arab Emirates. As per the new rule of the Ministry of Labour, the skilled personnel shall have to get his / her degree legally attested by the concerned authorities and the same should also be legally translated into Arabic. Therefore, if you have been selected in a job interview and your visa is going to be processed in that company, you need to make sure that you have the complete attestations done and the legal translation of your degree has also been done in Arabic so as to be avoided any problem in the issuance of your visa.

In general, you being a foreigner would prefer to draft any contract in both English and Arabic. For example, you prefer to make the contract of Local Agent for Foreign Company Branch in English but it is vital to say that without Arabic this contract will not be validated at all and you will have to get the same done in Arabic and legalizing the same by the court/MOJ approved legal translator in order to avoid any kind of rejection by the department of Notary Public.

Following is the detail of documents for which legal translation may be required at most of the cases such as, legalization of Partnership Agreements, Local Service Agent Contract, Revocation of Power of Attorney, Revocation of Limited Power of Attorney, Power of Attorney and Signature Authorization, Individual of Employment Contract, Employment Contract of Servants or Equivalent Driver or Nursemaid, Termination of Local Service Agent Contract with changing the agent, Termination of local service agent contract with license cancellation , Special power of attorney concerning vehicles, Special Power of Attorney concerning a company or an Establishment, Power of Attorney concerning land, Power of Attorney concerning shares, Power of Attorney concerning Adjudication, Request for withdrawal from a Power of Attorney, Special Power of Attorney Civil Status, Revocation of Trade Agency Agreement, Revocation of Services Agent Contract, Revocation of a Foreign Company's Agent Contract, Debt Declaration, Case Waiver Declaration, Declaration of Monthly Income, Special Employment Contract, Limited Liability Company Contract, Contract o Trade License Sale or Assignment, Subcontract Agreement, Conciliation agreement, Public Joint Stock Company Contract, Simple Limited Partnership Contract, Partnership Limited with shares contract, Joint Venture Company Contract, Capital Increase Contract Addendum, Partner Withdrawal Contract Addendum, Capital Decrease Contact Addendum, Declaration of No Objection to the sponsored person Traveling with a Person other than the sponsor, Trade Agent Appointment contract.

We have Legal translator available in Arabic, Russian, French, German and many other languages. Contact us for more details.