Delivery And Rates


Universal Translation Services has deployed a highly dedicated team of professional messengers and has signed long-term framework agreements with some of the top courier companies in the Middle East. Therefore, they undertake our assignments on top urgent and priority basis and further proceed for shipment in compliance with our client’s needs and requirements. Our professional messengers and appointed courier companies do understand the importance of the documents and they establish a close communication contacts with our clients until the final delivery as per their requirements.
On top of it, we prioritize the arrangement of delivery of your project by our full-time and in-house messengers who have got great knowledge, information and awareness of locations and could reach you anytime and anywhere you would want him to come for delivery.

Following is the detail explaining our delivery procedure:

1 – Delivery via email

2 – Collection of documents from our official premises

3 – Delivery at your doorstep or official premises


We have highly dedicated staff of professional estimators and evaluators. Our estimation department has great level of cooperation with our translators, proofreaders and other scope of activities to determine the cost of implementation of one particular project and knowing the timeline in accordance with the deadline proposed by clients.

Our rates are completely relied upon the urgency, volume, complexity and nature of the project. We have quite fair pricing evaluation system according to which we ensure that no one has been charged unfair amount and the price has been decided as per the above criteria only.

We do understand that sometimes you don’t have much budget. That’s why we have formulated a list of most competitive prices without any compromise towards the quality and commitment to the professionalism and perfectness of your documents

In order to determine the costing and timeline of the project, we highly recommend you to send your files or documents over to us in attachment via email or fax. We will be needing max. 30 minutes to 1 hour to assume the project’s rates and timeline in accordance with it’s technicality, volume and urgency. We will try to offer you the most competitive rates that suit your budget so you won’t need to move around the city to see the alternative option.