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Introduction to Universal Translation Services

Universal Translation Services is known to be one of the most reputable translation companies, rendering high quality and perfect translation services in all languages to small, medium and large enterprises.

We are specialized in the execution of all varieties of legal, medical and technical translation and interpretation services in over 100+ languages.

All of our linguistics are highly professional each working in their subject specialties and preserving complete knowledge in their mother tongue.

Languages play a pivotal role in any business. In order to ensure that your business is going well at international level , you need to double-check that your work is not being obstructed due to the language barriers.

Therefore, Universal Translation Services is a right choice and your cup of tea in reality. Your may predict that you are being availed with the high quality translation services requiring to be accomplished within the agreed timeframe. Our linguistics are highly qualified and use their best support means such as dictionaries, gloassaries and encyclopedias. The translation done by them is proofread, revised, cross-checked, quality-checked and corrected by our senior proofreaders as much as possible.

All of our translators are native. We purely work with the native translators only, without being compromising on quality and time efficiency. Rest assured, we provide flexible services providing services as per clients urgency of completing the project.

Sometimes you find it quite difficult to manage your translation requirements in a short period of time , but we can ensure you that we can make your way simple , easy and without any delay.

Our translators work 24 hours and we are dedicated to provide you information about our services round the clock.

We may be called one of the most fastest translation company , having been translated thousands of projects in more than 100+ languages.

If you are looking forward to obtaining the services of a top class translator , then we are your best choice. We are providing translation, interpretation and all other relevant services to the local and overseas organizations based within the territory of the United Arab Emirates, Gulf and Middle East, Asia , European Union countries etc

All of our services cost-effective ensuring to provide 100% accurate and professional translation.

All of our project managers, translation and interpretation coordinators , follow up secretaries and messengers are highly dedicated , motivated and innovative to our clients retention and devoting their full efforts to keep the relations healthier and on-track.

We can easily be approached through email, phone or by visiting our official premises. Our project managers would always be available to take your call and answer the best of your queries at all times.

We build a very strong bridge by breaking the languages barriers. Our linguistics conduct research , make thorough consultations with their colleagues and produce the best possible outcome in accordance with the reading audience.

We experience our business with the assistance of our highly professional translators and interpreters holding 30 years of long and extensive experience. Our basic focus is to dissolve the barrier between the languages.



Send your inquiry and get a free quote right away


24/7 support through email, phone and in-person.


25-50% special discount on large volume projects


Specialized translators having great knowledge of vocabulary, special terms and phrases, terminologies, glossaries, rules of grammar etc…

Ability of handling huge volume projects under pressure while maintaining the high quality translation standard.

Managing multilingual translation and interpretation tasks at the same time